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This is the wiki where fellow sailors who play the iOS app "Battleship Craft" (no longer available on the App Store) can get together and roleplay, make navies and have fun. Any mods or DLC for the game are not allowed due to it being too overpowered and wrecking everyone's fun. For the game, visit Battleship Craft Wiki For the other RP wiki, visit Battleshipcraft Navies Wiki For the Age of Sail RP wiki, visit Age of Sail Wiki

Mission Statement

On this wiki, we are going back to the roots of BSC, before the shutdown, when the GC battles decided the fates of navies and flying ships were a weak option. Back to the days of the UR-ISAF War. Back to the days where anyone, big or small, could make a difference. Back to the days where battles are fun, and not linear. Back to the days of epic fights in vanilla GC.

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The Battleship Craft Roleplay Wiki has been created! Remember, no mods or DLC allowed here. To create a navy with your modded ships, please visit here.

I want YOU (yes, you), to help the wiki with placeholders, clean ups, and others. As this wiki first started, we are lacking in templates, so right now, me and everyone else WILL have to help clean up the pages and the title page.

- Admin Maceswinger


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