• WolfKingDemon


    December 1, 2015 by WolfKingDemon
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  • Qapta1n

    Let's think this out

    October 11, 2014 by Qapta1n

    Ok. Let's do think stuff out.

    We need the map template. Or basically a photo of Doc's awesome map. We seriously gotta go and get a map to mark our territories....(OOC: I know that sounded weird). BTW, I call New Belkan and the crescent islands (AF territory until Doc invaded.)

    Now, we need to consider Glitches, specifically the Rotation glitch. This glitch makes life easier for us since we can make the boilers lower, and therefore, take up less space. It doesn't hurt much.....until you try a cheesy move. (I tried that with Frozen Razor. It doesn't work :/)

    Also, RP weapons. Weapons that are impossible in BSC but can still pose a threat in RP. Examples are Doc's Funale gun and Wolf's tank cannon in the mutant ship. Are these allowed?

    If you t…

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  • Void Samukai

    Best Destroyer WWII

    October 10, 2014 by Void Samukai

    Okay, here is some fun for all of us. Here, you need to tell what is your favourite destroyer for these categories, and if possible, why.

    Best AAA defence (can be small machine guns or DP guns)

    Best ASW defence (I think we can count the Japs out already)

    Best cannon fire (biggest cannons, or most of the more useful ones)

    Best torpedo firepower (I think this is rhetorical, but whatever)

    Most revolutionary (Which was important in some aspect, eg design, radar, armour etc)

    Most beautiful (A destroyer with appeasing looks)

    Best overall (your choice)


    No flame wars

    No comments against other users, though against the destroyer is allow

    So, enjoy!

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  • Admiral Phoenix

    Flying ship help?

    October 8, 2014 by Admiral Phoenix

    So, I decided to get into the flying ship business after I saw Doc's vanilla Predator. It was held up by a depth gauge, so I did the same for my craft. Unfortunately, this was the result.

    It won't register the depth gauges as connected to the top part, so I can't remove the center beam. If anyone could help make this into a flying ship, I would be deeply grateful.

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