We are a alliance of like-minded men, who sail under any flag for the proper *cough* inducement *cough*. We command a small fleet, consisting of destroyers and some few ships, but we are able to use them with deadly skill. Join our crew, and we shall sail to glory and fortune!


RP Name:

GC Name:

Reason why you want to join the Alliance:

Best ship/fleet subgroup: (screenshots are required)

Have you served with any other navy before?:

Years on the seas: (years in wiki)

Do you swear to uphold the Privateer's Code of Conduct at all times?: (The PR department says we need this)

Code of ConductEdit

1. No nuclear/biological/chemical weapons

2. No sinking ships without giving their crew a fair chance to evacuate

3. Follow your direct leader's orders as well as the fleet admiral's orders at all times

4. No abusive behavior towards your subordinates

5. Never kill women or children


United Republic of North America Naval Command

Israeli Naval Service

United Armadian League

Crew Roster:Edit

Fleet Admiral Percival De Roschenberg

Vice Admiral











Fleet Roster:Edit

50 Typhon II-class cruisers

60 Typhon I-class destroyers

40 Charybdis II-class light escort carrier

30 Chimera Mk.IX attack/recon/infiltration submarines

20 Archon I-class communications/command/electronic warfare and jamming destroyers

AP: Number two: I am currently unable to post pictures in the new Visual Editor, but be advised that the Archons are modified Typhon Is. (They look exactly the same, and are armed the same.) Also, the Charybdis is a older design that I used quite often in the ISAF vs UR war. Ask Doc or Wolf, they were there. rth: USE THE SOURCE EDITOR, GO TO SETTINGS AND CHANGE IT *facepalm*

Fleet Gallery:


Typhon-II Class 120 In Service


Typhon-I Class 200 In Service


Chimera-VIII IX Model Classified 50 In Service

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