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    Let's think this out

    October 11, 2014 by Qapta1n

    Ok. Let's do think stuff out.

    We need the map template. Or basically a photo of Doc's awesome map. We seriously gotta go and get a map to mark our territories....(OOC: I know that sounded weird). BTW, I call New Belkan and the crescent islands (AF territory until Doc invaded.)

    Now, we need to consider Glitches, specifically the Rotation glitch. This glitch makes life easier for us since we can make the boilers lower, and therefore, take up less space. It doesn't hurt much.....until you try a cheesy move. (I tried that with Frozen Razor. It doesn't work :/)

    Also, RP weapons. Weapons that are impossible in BSC but can still pose a threat in RP. Examples are Doc's Funale gun and Wolf's tank cannon in the mutant ship. Are these allowed?

    If you t…

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